Frequently Asked Questions

How do I schedule an appointment?

The best way to set up an appointment with us for window tint or accessories is to give us a call at (405) 222-1111.

You can also contact us here or submit a form here and we'll respond as quickly as possible.

How long will my appointment take?

Appointment times will vary depending on the services. Here are some general timeframes for window tint:

  • Front 2 Windows Only - 30 minutes to 1 hour

  • Trucks - crew cab/extended cab - 2 - 2.5 hours; regular cab - 1 - 1.5 hours

  • Cars & SUVs - 3-4 hours

Additional time is needed for removing old window tint, adding a windshield visor, or any speciality vehicles/requests.

While most of our customers drop their vehicles off with us for their appointment, we do have a waiting area if you need to wait.

Will my rear defroster effect my window tint?

No, defrosters do not get hot enough to damage window tint.

Due to inconsistency between vehicles, when removing old window film from a back glass there is no guarantee or warranty on rear defrosters.

Is window tint installed on the inside or the outside of my vehicle?

Window tint is installed on the inside of the vehicle's windows. We encourage customers to wait at least 48 hours before cleaning the inside of their windows, but washing the outside of the vehicle won't interfere with the drying window tint.

How long should I wait before rolling my windows down?

Windows need to remain up for at least 48 hours after tint installation.

I noticed "bubbles" or streaking in my new window tint. Is this normal?

Yes, this is completely normal and expected. You may see some water spots or streaking in your fresh tint. This is due to using a water-based solution to install window tint. While it is safe to roll down your windows after 48 hours, the water spots and streaking may remain for up to 10 days while the window tint continues to dry. Colder temperatures and damp environments can prolong the drying time.

Does my window tint have a warranty?

Yes, we are a LLumar© authorized dealer and provide a lifetime warranty on our window tint. You must provide an invoice for a warranty claim.

Can my existing window tint be tinted over to make it darker?

This varies by vehicle and the condition of the existing window tint.

If we are able to tint over previously installed window tint, we DO NOT provide a warranty and cannot guarantee longevity. Because of this, most customers decide to remove the old window tint and replace it.

Factory window tint can be tinted over because it is a dye in the glass and not an actual film.

Can I remove old window tint myself?

We do charge a fee to remove window tint and we have had customers choose to attempt to remove it themselves.

Removing window tint can be a challenge and the difficulty varies due to many factors including type/brand of tint, age of tint, if the vehicle was kept in a garage or outside, etc.

If you attempt to remove window tint at home, in order to not be charged for removal, every layer (including adhesive) must be removed completely.

What is factory window tint?

Factory window tint is simply glass that has a tint to it. Unlike aftermarket window tint, factory window tint is not an actual film. Factory window tint is a pigment inside the glass.

Factory tinted glass does very little for heat reduction within the vehicle. Aftermarket window tint reflects the infrared energy in sunlight

Is ceramic window tint better?

We offer both ceramic and high performance metallized window tint. Both options offer different advantages and which option is best for you will depend on your circumstances and what you're trying to achieve.

Read about ceramic vs. high performance here to get a better idea about what is best for you and your goals. We are always happy to answer any questions to help you decide.